The city of Cartagena

The range of cultural offerings and monuments will satisfy any requirement.

The city of Cartagena is located on five small hills called: Monte de la Concepción, Cerro del Molinete, Monte de San José, Monte Sacro and Cerro de Despeñaperros.
It is a port city open to the Mediterranean Sea through a wide bay. The port of Cartagena currently has two docks. On the one hand, that of Escombreras, where different industries are located, and on the other, that of the city itself. Between the two is the closest of our beaches, Cala Cortina, equipped with all the necessary facilities.
The natural port of Cartagena is delimited by the island of Escombreras (to the east) and the hill of La Torrosa (to the west). Its entrance is guarded by a series of castles and coastal batteries built in the 18th and 19th centuries.

La Manga del Mar Menor is a sandy formation, of the barrier island type, with a length of 22kms and a width between 90 and 900m. This formation gives rise through the channels of communication with the Mediterranean, the so-called gulfs, to the coastal lagoon of the Mar Menor, a wetland of international importance, with a surface area of 170km2 and a maximum depth of 8 meters. Its waters, due to its average annual temperature of 18º and its tranquility, make it an exceptional place for the practice of all kinds of nautical sports.
The islands of the Mar Menor: del Sujeto, del Barón, del Ciervo, Redondela and Perdiguera, constitute a protected landscape.
La Manga starts from Cabo de Palos, a geographical feature that has become today a fishing and tourist town, where the lighthouse built in 1864 stands out.
The beauty and conservation of Cartagena's seabed have made it one of the favorite destinations for scuba diving in Spain. Places like the marine reserves of Cabo de Palos and Islas Hormigas, or the marine reserve of fishing interest of Cabo Tiñoso (west of the city) stand out, highlighting the large posidonia meadows as well as the coral colonies that form the habitat of numerous plant and animal species. Also, you can find vestiges of other times, from Roman shipwrecks to ships sunk during the Civil War.

What to visit

Conception Castle
Christmas Fort
Municipal Archaeological Museum
PTo get to Cartagena you can use several means of transportation, such as train, bus, car and plane.